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Terms & Conditions

Speedy iRepair Terms and Conditions


Speedy iRepair is not responsible for any loss, corruption, or breach of data; the loss of data may occur as a result of the service provided. It is the customer’s responsibility to do a backup/copy of the data before bringing their device to Speedy iRepair. I understand Speedy iRepair is a 3rd party repair shop, and is not responsible for factory/service provider warranty voiding that may occur doing repairs. Devices not claimed within 14 days after the repair date shall be considered forfeited and will become property of Speedy iRepair to recover lost expenses. Warranty will only be provided for the parts that were serviced for up to 90 days. Speedy iRepair will not provide warranty on any devices previously serviced by other companies, or on damages occurring after the repair is completed. By signing this agreement in-store, I agree to these Terms & Conditions, and also agree to pay the amount indicated below to receive my device back after my repair is completed.